Through CAD and ProEngineer CREO technologies, our engineers can build a product tailored to your needs, taking into account your requirements, wishes, and technical constraints.

Your Project’s Journey Starts Here!

Our design team partners with you to define the best possible path for your development, according to your specific preferences.

Our available CAD station, equipped with three Pro Engineer CREO workstations, confidentially manages your digital definitions.

In collaboration with our 7 Project Managers three experienced engineers analyze your data and deliver optimizations for our mutual benefit.

Component & Process Development

In fact, our expertise does not just lie in the value-added packaging of your products.

We also handle all the processes surrounding them. Our technical and engineering teams develop, produce and integrate all components and processes related to the project upon request.

Millet Plastics Group dedicates its R&D efforts to technology intelligence and the implementation of efficient processes.

R&D in Pictures

R&D, a Strategic Challenge

In the fast-changing market of the plastics processing industry, Millet Plastics Group is also involved in R&D, even the most challenging projects.

Our engagement ensures the continuous improvement of business practices and an accurate knowledge of product life cycles (development, cost-effectiveness and sustainability) in order to deliver responsible proposals to all parties.

Facilitating R&D through Co-Design

Millet Plastics Group uses an open innovation model with its customers. It allows us to leverage the latest trends, to formulate new ideas at greater speeds and to innovate boldly at reduced risks. It is through such partnerships that Millet Plastics Group and its partners can remain competitive in the global market.