Ecofriendly Culture

Aware of its responsibility, Millet is committed to environmental protection initiatives.

Ecofriendly Commitment

As a major player in the manufacture of plastic containers, Millet Plastics Group responds intelligently to any challenging project, while contributing ever more positively to the environmental footprint issue. As such, plastics challenges remain at the heart of our concerns.

This is first possible thanks to our:

  • responsible business practices
  • involvement with industry players to stay aware of developments in sustainable commitments
  • interaction with local communities
  • education about waste management habits

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A State-of-the-Art Plant

To limit our carbon footprint, we have implemented an exothermic production process, allowing to minimize the use of additional energy for the heating of the plant, including the warehouse.

To increase the well-being of our employees, we installed an air filtration system which reduces airborne particles in our plant.

Whenever our customer’s specifications allow, we will use Post-Consumer Recycled Material (PCR).

As any waste occuring during production is either recycled on site or sold to a third party recycling company, Millet Plastics Inc generates less than 0.1% plastics landfilling.