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Since its creation, Millet has been adapting to its customers’ needs

About Millet Plastics Group

Millet Plastics Group, experts in plastic transformation

Nearly 60 years separate Marius Millet’s craft activities and the fully modernized manufacturing sites now making up the Millet Group. Historically established in the Jura, Millet has contributed to the growth of the Plastics Vallée and is now recognized internationally as an expert in plastic transformation by injection and extrusion blow-molding.

Thanks to its expertise, technologies, and its teams’ ingenuity and inventiveness, the group accurately responds to the needs of the most demanding customers within the food, energy, phytochemistry, hygiene, health, and consumer and professional equipment sectors.

By their very nature, the teams’ flexibility and responsiveness help optimize the innovation and customization of your plastic solutions.

With more than 40 patents under its belt… Millet’s signature is its driving force, and its distinguishing feature!

Millet Plastics Group, a Unique Partner

We are not only experts on your products. We also manage all the processes surrounding them. Our technicians and engineers develop, produce and integrate all components and processes upon request. The result: products with perfect functionality, optimal design and maximum efficiency.

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It’s in the Jura in the early 1900s that the adventure began with Marius Millet and the turning of natural products such as bone, ivory, horn…To become the reference in the design, industrialization and customization of plastics solutions, to extend our position as challenger of the European leaders.Conquer this position in the United States by transferring our recognized European experiences and expertise.

Millet’s Strategic Vision

  • Innovative and competitive packaging systems and technical parts
  • Effective operational structures
  • Optimal use of technologies
  • Continuous growth with significant self-financing
  • Flexible logistics solutions for optimized customer service
  • Human-centric professional management
  • Development of environmental policies in our various approaches

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