Manufacturing hollow bodies of variable capacity for the agri-food sector.

The Granby Plant’s Specialization

Millet Plastique Canada specializes in the manufacture of polymer food packaging. Extrusion blow-molding technology, a process through which thermoplastic polymers are shaped, is what allows the manufacture of hollow bodies of variable capacity.

This new factory’s equipment is highly automated and suitable for large batch productions. All of its production is carried out in an environment adapted to food health requirements.

Millet Plastique Canada benefits from the expertise of its responsive and reliable team. The Granby plant employs highly skilled workers regionally specialized in plastics and/or food production.

Supported by the extensive experience of the France-based company, the Canadian team is able to meet very high quality requirements.

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Millet In figures

active ingredients

(the lightest part)

(heaviest piece)

thousand tons
processed per year

Millet Plastics Group’s Expertise in a Nutshell