Matter matters

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SQF level II

Millet Plastics Inc. is now registered by SAI Global as meeting the requirements of the SQF code, a HACCP-based supplier assurance code for the food industry 8.1 edition as manufacturer of food packaging.


COVID-19 Crisis

At Millet Plastics Inc. the safety and well-being of our employees and customers are our top focus. Currently we are putting all our efforts into the continuity of our business while keeping safety as our priority.

HACCP logo


Millet Plastics Inc is currently implementing its HACCP plan, in preparation of the SQF level 2 certification.  


Interstate Milk Shippers

Manufacturing packaging for dairy products is an important part of Millet Plastics’ business. In April 2019 Millet Plastics has received the Interstate Milk Shipper’s permit (IMS).